Artist On Artist Interview: These New South Whales & Ecca Vandal Shoot The Shit
Odd couple much?
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What happens when you mix a hip hop shredder and a cocky punk underdog?

With Grampians Festival in Victoria’s Halls Gap coming next month, we had two of the headline acts interview each other. Why, you ask. Well, firstly it’s much easier when the artists interview themselves, like a self-cleaning glass. And secondly, it hopefully offers a bit of insight that you may not get in your standard interview, an unusual fact about a chance encounter overseas, perhaps.

These New South Whales are hard-hitting, yet addictively melodic punksters, known equally for their awesome music and hilarious Comedy Central mockumentary series. Their sophomore record I Just Do What God Tells Me To Do, which was released in November last year is chocked full of concisely written rock gems for you to chomp on.

Ecca Vandal is a hip hop/electronic tour de force who mixes her signature razor-sharp flow with slick production, creating a sound that was made for festival stages. Her 2017 self-titled album is still spinning in our office on the reg, though we’re crossing our fingers hoping album number two is just around the corner.

So now you know. See what TNSW’s Jamie Timony and Ecca Vandal have to say to/about each other right below and head here to get yourself some Grampians tix:

TNSW: Who would you most like to collaborate with on the Grampians lineup?

EV: I reckon you guys, julia, raave tapes and me could make something pretty sweet hey! we should drop something down on the phone memos backstage?

TNSW: Remember that time when we met and hung out in London for a minute? That was fun, hey?

EV: goooood times! the dz deathrays sweethearts bringing the good people together. your set was sick that night

TNSW: Who are your heroes, musical or otherwise?

EV: bjork : for her endless creativity. she’s clearly never given a f**k what anyone thinks
murakami : love his writing style. no matter how scattered i feel i can read his books and they take me to another world where i feel calm. westwood: one of the most iconic and individual designers of our time

TNSW: If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

EV: very hard one. prolly jazz.. mainly because there are soo many sub genres that could keep it interesting. trad, bebop, ethiopian, vocal, dixie land…

TNSW: Do you believe in God?

EV: defs

EV: Are there any acts on the bill you are keen to see?

TNSW: Yes, keen to see yourself, Julia Jacklin and Pinch Points. It will be a first for each!

EV: Who have been your biggest musical influences?

TNSW: I like a lot of Scandinavian post punk and electronic music. Also listening to a lot of trap and SoundCloud rappers.

EV: What is the craziest fan encounter you’ve ever had?

TNSW: A fan recently got our album art tattooed on his forearm—prime real estate. Another fan recently asked me to sign his Adam’s apple. Last week in Wollongong I had the distinct feeling that a fan wanted to fight me. That was odd.

EV: If you had to choose one super power between being invisible or reading people’s minds, what would you pick?

TNSW: I’m a Pisces so I can already read people’s minds. I’d go invisible for sure. Put my nose right into other people’s business.

EV: Tim Tams or Oreos?

TNSW: Oreo’s please. Although, I’ve come to love a Tim Tam. But I’m transitioning into veganism so let’s lock in Oreos.

Words by Harry Webber January 14, 2020
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