Diplo Just Trolled Fans With A Crazy Maccas Meal
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Thomas Wesley strikes again…

Maccas is really capitalising on the music world for its latest collabs, first linking up with hip hop megastar Travis Scott and then Reggaeton god J.Balvin. But it seems they’re yet to go down the path of EDM stars, or that of country music. But luckily Diplo (real name Thomas Wesley) has just teased his own Maccas meal online, and although this probably isn’t legit, we’re hoping to god he finds some way to link up with the Golden Arches.

Taking to Twitter, the creative extraordinaire shared a photo of a bloody humungous sandwich, labelling it the “Diplo Mad Decent Breakfast Meal” (we back it). According to the description it features a Gradie & egg on a toasted English McMuffin, with lean Canadian bacon along with ham and cheese. Going a step further, the Dips also adds a Fillet-O-Fish with extra sauce, extra cheese and a sausage patty. The description also states that the culinary monster is only 965 calories, which we normally wouldn’t believe, but knowing Diplo and his magic powers, he would’ve found a way to make that possible.

It’s clear he’s a man of many talents, and just going off the ominous caption “coming soon”, we’re fully confident we’ll be seeing these badboys on Maccas menus real soon. Check out the tweet below.


October 14, 2020
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