Freddie Gibbs & Madlib Share Bandana Movie Trailer
Gangsta Gibbs gets cinematic.
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Bandana: A Freddie Gibbs and Madlib Film, starring “every motherfucker in the rap game worth fucking with”.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve been enjoying Gangsta Gibbs’ victory lap since dropping Bandana with Madlib earlier this year. The follow up to their 2014 sensation Piñata, there’s definitely people out there flying the flag for Bandana as a genuine contender for album of the year. Truth be told I don’t think even the most avid MadGibbs fan would offer that any one involved in this particular piece are in the running for an individual Oscar. That said, it does check a lot of boxes. It’s hilarious for one, and pieces together the ‘Crime Pays’ and ‘Half Manne Half Cocaine’ clips to deliver on high-budget production, ironically cliched storylines and high-value entertainment. 

Who knows whether a full-length feature will ever materialise but the teaser has definitely given us all a little something extra to get excited about ahead of Freddie Gibbs’ impending arrival for his Bandana Tour in January, 2020. Watch Freddie go full tilt in the trailer below or head here to watch the two original clips in full: 

Words by Declan Whelan October 9, 2019
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