Kanye West Locked Out Of Twitter After Posting A Journalist’s Phone Number
Not cool Ye.
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Going too far…

Kanye West has definitely been going out of his way to be more ridiculous on Twitter lately. From posting his record contracts to sharing a video of himself urinating on his Grammy Award, he’s well and truly pushing the site to its limits. Now, his latest stunt has seen him get locked out of the social media platform, taking to the site to share the phone number of Forbes chief content officer, Randall Lane.

Posting a screenshot of his phone contact entry for Lane which displayed his phone number, West wrote “If any of my fans want to call a white supremacist … this is the editor of Forbes.” Yeezy tweeted a couple more times after, before going uncharacteristically silent.

CNN senior reporter Oliver Darcy chimed into the drama after the tweet, stating that “Twitter is requiring @kanyewest to remove a tweet sharing private info about @RandallLane (which Twitter has hidden from public view for now) to regain access to his account. Until then, he cannot tweet.”

Darcy then clarified the move, stating that “this is how Twitter always enforces its rules. The company hides tweets that break its rules from public view, and locks the account until the owner logs on and removes the tweet.”

As of now Twitter has hidden the tweet from the public, but West has yet to actually take it down himself. Pretty crazy stuff, check out some of Ye’s most recent tweets below.

September 17, 2020
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