Katy Perry Is Cooked In Cannibalistic New Video For ‘Bon Appetit’
Featuring Migos!
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Ever wanted to eat Katy Perry?

Her new video for ‘Bon Appetit’ sees the pop superstar covered in flour, stretched like dough, seasoned with vegetables and boiled in a broth before being dished up to hungry patrons. The song is also full of sexually suggestive double entendres including a nod to sweet Cherry Pie à la Warrant, making this a controversy magnet in every sense – but whatever Perry’s motives, the eyebrow-raising release is certainly proving effective.

Within 24 hours of being released on YouTube, ‘Bon Appetit’ clocked up 14 million views, the highest numbers in that time frame since Adele’s colossal ‘Hello.’ Now, the track has over 25 million views, with plenty sharing their concern and thumbs down votes for allegedly promoting cannibalism.

Does Perry actually want us to kill each other and feast on human flesh? Probably not, but this was a good opportunity for her to sit in a large pot while getting warm liquid poured over her with a ladle. Dreams. Oh yeah, there’s also a late guest verse from Migos, and some pole-dancing thrown in for good measure.

Watch Perry’s racy new video here, and please, don’t go out and eat any humans. It won’t look nearly as fun or glamorous as this video, and you will get arrested.


Words by Christopher Kevin Au May 15, 2017
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