Noah ’40’ Shebib Teases Drake’s Next Album ‘Certified Lover Boy’
Drop it now Drizzy.
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One of the greatest partnerships in modern hip hop…

Drake, ever the master of teasing us and building insane hype for his projects, definitely made the world take notice recently when he revealed that he’s gearing up to drop his upcoming album Certified Lover Boy. But as certain as he sounded, truth is even his closest friends can sometimes have trouble keeping up with Drizzy, and closest friend of all Noah ’40’ Shebib is one of them.

Sitting down with NBA star Kevin Durant on The ETCS podcast, Drizzy’s number one explained how bloody unpredictable Drake is with his creative process and his release schedule, saying “He’s always got it. … Now does that mean he’s done? I don’t know, shit. He might make 10 songs next week. I don’t know. But he’s got it,” 40 said around an hour and 20 minutes into the conversation. “But when are you going to pull the trigger? I don’t know when you’re going to pull the trigger.”

“He’s going to pull the trigger when he wants to pull it. But he’s got it. He always got it. … He’s always ready,” 40 continued. “If Drake wants to drop the album tomorrow, it’s coming out tomorrow. … Drake can make the industry move.”

We definitely agree with that last part. At this point Drake is one of the biggest stars in the game and has almost all the power, so if he suddenly wanted to drop an album tomorrow, something tells us he wouldn’t have a hard time doing so.

The producer extraordinaire also opened up on his long creative-partnership with Drizzy, with their bond being so strong he doesn’t feel the need to work with any other artist, saying “I probably solidified the decision when I, I won the ASCAP Songwriter Award three years in a row. And I think it was ’11, ’12, ’13. And so, in ’13 when I won it a third year in a row, I’m sitting there like, ‘Yo, I only have ever worked with one artist. This is crazy.’ Like, what, like… I’m songwriter of the year again? Right, this is like, insane. Like, what,'” he explained.

“That moment, I was like, ‘I’m never working with anybody ever again.’ Because it’s just too much work. It’s too much effort. I don’t need to do that. It’s, and it’s a very emotionally exhausting experience to go into the studio with somebody and create from scratch and do all of that,” he continued. “I found one of my best friends, and we make incredible music together. … And truthfully, I don’t think every other artist in the world is good enough to take my weird ass shit and turn it into something as incredible as Drake.”

It’s a pretty dope conversation, and it’s definitely cool to hear 40 talk so openly like this. Check out the full episode below.

October 16, 2020
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