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Video by Tyler Bell // Pics by Jack Bennett

Maddy Jane gives us a tour of her favourite place in the world – Newtown Garden Market.

With her debut album Not All Bad Or Good, which dropped in May, further arguing the point that she’s one of the most exciting voices in the Aussie musical landscape, we thought it was about time we got to know Maddy Jane a little better. If you’ve dived into her tunes, you’d expect she’s a plucky firecracker, sensitive but with no shortage of cheek, which is pretty much the Maddy Jane we met when we hung out with her last week.

Born in Tassie, now living in Wollongong, Maddy was pretty much surrounded by flora and fauna for most of her childhood. Since making the move, to pursue her budding music career, the tell-it-how-is singer reckons that filling her house with plants – too many, she says – has helped her stave off homesickness.

So naturally, we were more than keen for Maddy to give us a little tour of Newtown Garden Market and impart some gardening wisdom upon us as, to be honest, the plants in the LWA office have seen better days. Check out the video, presented by Boost Mobile, below which also features a little acoustic performance of ‘Perfection’s A Thing And You’re It’ which we can only assume is a track dedicated to her monstera:

Words by Harry Webber October 15, 2020
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