Premiere: Enter Lord Dodongo’s Fuzzy Musical Kaleidoscope ‘Creatures’
All the colours of the psych rainbow.
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The Northern Beaches outfit deliver a real sonic journey on their debut EP.

We were blown away when we heard Lord Dodongo’s ‘Black Snake’ a few months back, with the five-piece demonstrating an acute ability to create swirling and entrancing tunes that pick you up by the ears and drop you off deep in the Lord Dodongosphere – a place where wailing guitars, spacey vocal, and wild drums run wild. Showing no signs of slowing down in 2019, the group have just dropped their debut EP, Creatures, and it’s (thankfully) much more of the same.

Tracked live to tape, Creatures sees the band effortlessly tackle multiple genres, often in the same song. Easing in with the salsa/blues flavoured opener (that gets heavy) ‘Yellow Dream’, they then cooly proceed to flick the prog switch with the relentless ‘Red Swine’, and it all happens in a way that makes it feel as if the band are toying with listeners – and enjoying it. Closing track ‘White Wolf’ is a nearly nine minute-long display of guitarmanship that breaks briefly from the shredding to lyrically unify the tracks nicely.

If you’re liking what you hear, you won’t want to miss out on Lord Dodongo’s Creatures EP launch February 16th at Frankie’s Pizza, where they’ll be supported by LWA favourites Switch Doctor, and Bermuda Bloom – info here.

Words by Harry Webber February 7, 2019
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