Video Premiere: Betty & Oswald Deliver Melancholy Duet ‘Figure It Out’
Launching this Wednesday at The Lansdowne!
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Words by Harry Webber

It’s rare to find a song that somehow makes you want to cry and boogie at the same time.

Having slowly fed us their tasty indie-pop tunes for a little over a year now – check out their 875,000 Spotify streams – Sydney’s Betty & Oswald hit us with ‘Figure It Out,’ the first offering from their upcoming EP To Be Hungry.  

The dreamy duet follows the push and pull of young love, and you can really feel it as the band steers you through the rollercoaster ride with uplifting tempo changes underneath breathy vocal melodies. “It traces the contours of a relationship in which one person watches the seemingly irreconcilable demise of the other… the romance of youth, with all its delights and captivations, ultimately fades” singer Pete Sotiropoulos says of the song.

Directed by Ellen Hodgson, the video captures the essence of the track as we watch a brooding couple play some emotional chess on the streets of the Inner-West. Sotiropoulos says that “We wanted to create something that was authentic – an overriding feeling that people could relate to, and think, ‘I’ve felt that before.’” It’s elegantly shot, though we’re still trying to work out whether it’s a happy ending or not…

Why not ask Betty & Oswald in person at the Lansdowne Hotel this Wednesday? They’re playing their first headline show in over two years, where they’ll be playing material from a forthcoming EP due to be released in early 2018. Betty & Oswald will be supported by Tuppaware Party & City Rose.

Get your tickets here, and check out the ‘Figure It Out’ vid below. Prepare your heartstrings for some serious tuggin’:

November 13, 2017
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