Watch: Eminem Can’t Watch His Oscars Performance Anymore
Fair enough tbh.
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Happens to the best of us….

Do you all remember that super random Oscars moment when Eminem came out and rapped ‘Lose Yourself’ to a crowd of shocked and confused Oscar attendees earlier this year? Eminem certainly does, so much so that he can’t bear to watch the performance back.

“When I went out there everything was cool. I go through the first verse and they had the mic pack that you wear to clip on your belt and your in-ears so you can hear the sound. And I’m rapping and all of a sudden I see between my legs the motherfucking pack’s swinging,” he told Tyson on the podcast.

I can see what he’s talking about, if you skip to 2:20 you can see the pack swinging it’s little heart out from Slim’s waist. I can’t imagine how nerve-racking that would’ve been, combined with Hollywood’s elite staring you down for interrupting their special night. Not a good mix I think.

The stress of the whole experience was too much for Em, saying “I ain’t watched it. I got creeped out, I don’t want to see this shit, I’ll just get angry”. That seems fair enough.

The 47 minute podcast saw the two superstars bond over their path to success and how they had to fight for everyone they had achieved “Everything you got was, fuckin’—not even given to you. You fuckin’ slaved for it, you know what I mean?”, Tyson said. He’s definitely not wrong.

Eminem repaid Tyson as much as he could, saying “I just gotta say like bro, you are like, a god to me.”

Real wholesome stuff.


March 23, 2020
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