An Euphoric Easter Sunday Session With Yolanda Be Cool
Down at the Watson's Bay Boutique Hotel.
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Easter is always a big one! Almost everyone you meet when you’re out is either too pickled from goon or too hyper from all the chocolate their creepy uncle has been force-feeding them to remember your name. Either way come Sunday, if you wake up next to something more resemblant of an un-washed Jabba The Hut (be it lady or boy or even ladyboy) & not the hot sort you thought you were dragging home on Saturday evening, the best way to remedy this in our opinion, is to get down to Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel…

…Shenanigans kick off at 1pm so that gives you ample time to collect your clothes from that strangers room and tip toe to the nearest cafe for a coffee or 6. Once dusted off and in semi-presentable form, crack yourself open yet another warm tin of VB and make your way to Euphoria Easter Sunday Sessions.

The line-up this year is H U G E ! And Euphoria will have both decks open, top & bottom in anticipation for all you battlers on Easter bunny benders. As follows are the main highlights of the afternoon!

YOLANDA BE COOL (cool… like Fonzie)

If that doesn’t excite you then you’ve probably eaten too naughty blue pills the night before and you should be ashamed of yourself because this is one not to miss (and those things can kill you). Also, If you’re lucky you might see a few of us there too, if you spot us, come say Helloooo so we can feed you more cheap drinks (drink responsibly and always have a plan B ya losers). Get you tickets here.

April 2, 2015