We Chat Photography & Newy With Hung Supply Head Honcho Ahead Of ‘DEPOSITORY’ Exhibition
Steel City represent.
Words by Harry Webber October 5, 2022

Left image by Hannah Griffiths // Right image by Rafael Gonzalez

DEPOSITORY, the group photography show curated by Hung Supply, is opening this Friday night at Wester Gallery.

It marks the third exhibition from the burgeoning indie gallery that is plonked a few doors up from Newcastle West’s Cambridge Hotel. And, much like the legendary venue, DEPOSITORY will platform local and international talent, before eventually throwing your tipsy arse out onto the street.

But who/what/how is Hung Supply? And why are they the perfect people to be curating such an exhibition? They’re a “camera carry and accessories brand” that specialise in slings for your weapon of choice, offering a comfy home for your camera any time you’re on the move. You’ve probably seen some of your favourite snappers spruiking their goods, with pros and hobbyists alike lapping up the sleek designs of their core pieces, the Roscoe pouch and Sidewalk sling. They also have a digital magazine and a truckload of accessories.

So naturally, the Hung Supply team spend a lot of time studying photos and meticulously picking apart the work of snappers around the world. We caught up with Newcastle-born, head honcho Lincoln Jubb to chat about DEPOSITORY, Newyyyy, and some CEO shit. Check it below and we’ll see you when doors open on Friday night at 6pm:


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In one sentence, can you explain what Hung Supply is?

HUNG SUPPLY is a sling goods and camera carry brand designed for the creative communities that always inspired me as a photographer – I wanted to create products that my friends would use, whether shooting analogue, skate, live music or street.

You’ve been slinging slings for about a year now. What has running your own business taught you?

That there are not enough hours in the day, haha. It’s actually taught me a lot about business and myself. Starting a business is a long game, and there is no quick and easy way to succeed. You need to show up constantly, expect the unexpected, work hard, make time for yourself outside of work, and celebrate your wins… regardless of how big or small they are. It’s very rewarding seeing a tangible object that you’ve created solve people’s problems or stoke people out on photography.

You’re a powerful photog yourself. What are you shooting with ATM?

To be honest, the last few months have been crazy busy with the brand and it’s been hard to go out and shoot as much as I’d like to unless it’s for Hung Supply. However, I’ve been going for photo walks recently and just slowly picking off frames as I see interesting things worth pointing the lens at. It’ll be a mixed bag of frames once I get this roll developed. However, I kind of like shooting like that… forgetting what’s on a roll and then finally getting it back sometime later. Little surprises.

Image by Tim Adams //

What kind of work can we expect to see at ‘DEPOSITORY’? Describe the Hung Supply style.

The Hung Supply style is a little bit gritty or grimy. I guess that was a way to make ourselves different to the other camera bag brands on the market, which are often quite polished. Many of the talented photographers in the show shoot analogue, so expect grain, haha. There’s a lot of street photography and daily observations. The little moments in the day-to-day.

Was HS taking to a physical gallery space something you’d always envisioned? How does curating an exhibition compare to (say) an IG feed?

Yes, I think in this digital age, where everyone is stuck in the vortex of the many screens that occupy their lives, it’s nice to take your work into a physical space. We’ve just started supplying some retail stores too with the product, which I’m hyped on. It’s always nice to see and touch things in the real-life universe, ya know?

I enjoyed curating the show because I love other people’s photography. The goal for Hung Supply is to focus on our creative community and give them tools and a platform to push their craft and showcase their work – the group show is just one of many ways to do so. I’ll take that over curating IG posts, haha.

Image by Morgan Rudolph //

It’s happening in your hometown of Newy. I remember a brawl erupting out the front of The Beaches after your 21st birthday – it was gnarly. What was the most memorable thing that you’ve seen on the streets of Newcastle?

Ha, shit, I don’t remember much of my 21st… I was probably at the CBD Hotel by that time. Not through my lens, but maybe Joey Johns skating down King Street after the 97 GF… classic Newcastle.

What attracted you to Wester Gallery and Newy for the show?

Artist, Justin Lees, is the founder and gallerist. We’ve shared many beers over the years in Newcastle, as you do – he mentioned late last year he was opening a new independent space and it just made sense to get involved in some capacity. Justin has done a helluva job setting up a professional gallery space for recognised and emerging visual artists to showcase their work.

Image by James Adams //

Which is your favourite shot from ‘DEPOSITORY’?

Ahhh, I can’t play favourites! There are too many good photos to choose from. You’ll just have to come down on Friday night and pick your own favourite.

What are your grand plans for Hung Supply. Where’s the company headed, Mr CEO?

Sling more bags! The plan is to stay in our lane and do our own thing… We’ll continue celebrating photography through collaboration and different creative outputs. We have a few cool capsules dropping with other brands soon(ish) and some additions to the bag line in 2023.

Image by Charlie Hardy //