Jourdan Dunn Visits Thailand In New Cooking Show ‘How It’s Dunn’
The fiery first episode.
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Getting hungry? Maybe even hangry? Let this new Youtube series from British babe Jourdan Dunn be your lunchtime inspiration.

We’re huge fans of foodie videos – from Fuck, That’s Delicious to Fresh Off The Boat – but this fresh delivery from Dunn might be our new favourite. Following on from her previous video effort titled Well Dunn, the supermodel has launched another pun-tastic series named How It’s Dunn, visiting Thailand in the first episode.

With her love of spice leading her to South-East Asia, Dunn explores the niche alleys and markets that house some of Thailand’s most delicious and fiery dishes. She even cooks for the locals and gets their judgement, all while looking a million bucks in the process in Adidas Superstars.

Well Dunn featured the likes of 2 Chainz and Wale, so hopefully How It’s Dunn also gets its share of star cameos. Watch below, and get yourself a mean green curry and some fishcakes. As far as we’re concerned, Jourdan Dunn just got way more perfect:

Image via GQ


September 21, 2015
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