Watch A Video From The Photographer Who Spent Two Years Inside The Yakuza
Inside the syndicate.
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The Yakuza have always been a topic of interest of Western media and entertainment, and now Belgian photographer Anton Kusters has given the world a raw and intimate look inside the Japanese crime syndicate.

In a new video titled Inside The Syndicate, Kusters discusses photographs he took while spending two years with Yakuza members – with his lengthy stint receiving the green light after 10 months of negotiations. He talks about its hierarchical structure, tattoos and gruesome rituals including the removal of fingers, as well as how his views of the group shifted throughout the trip.

It’s a fascinating watch, and we have to applaud Kusters on his patience, persistence and bravery with this project. Hopefully we get to see more Yakuza imagery from his adventures in the near future. Meanwhile, watch the pensive video here:

September 21, 2015
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