adidas Skateboarding Drop Inspiring Nora Vasconcellos Mini Documentary
A story for the ages.
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It follows the rise of the skating icon from street kid to pro.

This Christmas, thousands of kids will be waking up weary-eyed on Monday and excitedly unwrapping their very first skateboards the same way (then) little lady Nora Vasconcellos did all those years ago, before she was the crazily talented pro skater we know her as now. Her journey, that would lead to her becoming adidas Skateboarding’s first female pro, is an inspiring story of ambition, skill and charm that all began when she received her first deck.

Celebrating her momentous story, ‘Nora’ is a 20-minute digital short directed by Webby-award winner Giovanni Reda and featuring some of the biggest names in skateboarding like Elissa Steamer, Lacey Baker, Andrew Reynold and Marc Johnson. The short gives us insight into the life of the charismatic Vasconcellos and also tackles broader issues of gender in skateboarding through her rise to the pinnacle of the typically male-dominated sport.

‘Nora’ highlights Vasconcellos’ position as a powerful voice in the skating world, which she has used to push boundaries that transcend the skateboarding and encourage young girls all over the globe to pursue their dreams, despite the obstacles that can be faced in a traditionally male-driven field. Oh, and did we mention there’s plenty of jaw-dropping skating along the way too.

Be sure to check out the uplifting and incredible story of ‘Nora’ and maybe have a little think about giving the gift of skating this year:

Words by Harry Webber December 21, 2017
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