The Bight Has Been Saved! Equinor Abandon Plans To Drill For Oil Off SA Coast
Fuck off for good.
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A huge victory for environmental groups and protestors.

When Norwegian mining corporation Equinor first announced plans to drill in the ocean of The Great Australian Bight back in 2019, thousands of people including celebrities and surfers vowed to #FightForTheBight, and now it looks like that fight may be over.

Today the mining giant, who have an appalling environmental record, stated they will not be pursuing the $200 million project after a “holistic review of its exploration portfolio” found that it is “not commercially competitive. Though not acknowledging it, it’s hard to imagine the public pressure from protestors hasn’t contributed to this decision, proving that the voices of everyday people count when it comes to protecting the environment.

Naturally organisations like Greenpeace have already taken to social media to express their joy over the decision:

Wilderness Society South Australian director Peter Owen has also said, “It’s been a while coming, but the right decision is the right decision and we have no doubt that the hundreds of thousands of people that have supported the campaign to Fight for the Bight will be both delighted and relieved to hear this news… We are now calling on the Australian government to listen to the people and permanently protect the unique waters of the Great Australian Bight from drilling for good.”

So it’s looking like The Bight is safe for now… BP, Chevron and Karoon Gas have all withdrawn from the Bight but Santos, Murphy Oil and Bight Petroleum still have plans to drill there SBS reports. Stay tuned.


February 25, 2020
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