Coogee Bay Hotel’s Skate Sessions Are Happening Next Week
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Selina’s – the legendary music venue at Coogee Bay Hotel – has hosted infamous rock gigs over the decades from the likes of Pennywise and Nirvana, which makes their natural movements into the skate realm a real treat.

Selina’s will be hosting more skate sessions next week on Thursday, April 20 and Friday, April 21. The venue’s mini-ramp will be hosting a comp, plus an art exhibition and performances from Ocean Alley & The Dolphin Show. Moreover, there’ll also be an Xbox hangout lounge where you can play Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater! We spent much of our button-mashing childhoods trying to perfecting our grinding techniques in this game, and we’re sure that there’ll be some fierce battles on the virtual and IRL ramps.

If you’d like to test your own skills, the mini-ramp will be open to the public on the Thursday from 4:00 to 9:00pm. Entry is free, so head along down next week for some casual beverages and skate spectacles. Details:

April 13, 2017