Kevin Durant’s Five NBA Players’ Mixtapes He’d Watch Forever
Good choices.
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Until the end of time…

In case you missed it, Brooklyn Nets Small/ Power forward and overall basketball legend Kevin Durant sat down for a super cool interview with Taylor Rooks for the new season of Take It There.

The pair discussed everything from Durant’s old tweets, adjusting to life in the big apple, and the late GOAT Kobe Bryant (Rest In Peace Mamba). Among the many topics, Rooks threw KD an absolute doozy, asking “If you could only watch basketball highlights of five players forever, who are the players?”

Fair question tbh, and of course KD came through with a solid response, listing Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Magic Johnson and LeBron James.

“If I couldn’t watch anyone else, and I just had to watch those five, I think I’d be good the rest of my life”, he added, and I think we’d all agree, I mean who are you gonna take off that list?

The Brooklyn Nets star also took the time to talk about the values Kobe instilled upon him, stating “As a hooper, I wanted his aesthetic as a player. It was pretty sweet to see his methods. I didn’t really get to appreciate it until I got older as a player and start to see, ‘Oh that’s what he meant’ when he was doing it this way. I’m always going to live with Kobe in my heart“. 

Shoutout to KD for keeping it 100 and paying respect to the GOAT, Kobe Bryant.

February 20, 2020
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