LeBron James Is Being Sued For Posting A Picture Of Himself On Instagram
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It’s a whopping amount…

Finally some news to break the COVID-19 madness! A photographer is suing LeBron James for $150,000 after James reposted a picture taken of him dunking over Miami centre Meyers Leonard.

While most photographers would be absolutely elated by a major NBA star reposting one of their photos, photographer Steve Mitchell is clearly not one of them, claiming that NBA GOAT and Lakers killer Lebron James infringed on his copyright by posting the pic.

The picture was taken on December 13, with James posting a cropped version of said pic on his socials.

It’s a pretty bomb pic, so we don’t blame him for reposting. Look at that caption! “What.A.Time.To.Be.Alive and I’m LIVING with Pure Joy! Thank you 🏀P.S. Miami always love y’all! ❤️. Great win last night Gang Gang.” How could you even think to sue a man as joyful as this?

He’s seeking “damages” that “would reflect profits, income, receipts and other benefits derived by James and his co-defendants or, in the alternative, damages of up to $150,000 per infringement.”

Imagine being sued for $150,000 for posting a picture of yourself. What a time to be alive…

March 25, 2020
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