Oakley Heads Inside The Athlete’s Journey For ‘One Obsession’ Campaign
What's your obsession?
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Oakley’s latest chapter of their ‘One Obsession’ campaign dives into the tumultuous journeys of sport’s most passionate athletes.

Through their own research, Oakley have found that 42% of athletes say their sport provides balance in their life, and 33% say they play their sport because it’s the best way to alleviate stress. Nearly half (47%) have sacrificed friendships, while 34% have let go of romantic relationships for their sporting passions.


For One Obsession, Oakley encourages athletes around the world to share their moments in pursuing their passions, celebrating both the ups and downs in achieving their personal goals. Accordingly, the brand has released some playful campaign images that allow you to embrace your shortcomings, get back up, and keep striving.

See the One Obsession campaign below, and shop your Oakley goods of choice here:

April 26, 2018
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