Oakley’s ‘Harmony Fade’ Collection Is Here, As Seen In The Winter Olympics
So much orange. So much yellow.
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If you’re tuning into the Winter Olympics – conveniently showing right after a ~BANGING~ season of My Kitchen Rules – then you might have noticed some particularly head-turning eyewear options courtesy of Oakley.

It’s all part of Oakley’s new ‘Harmony Fade’ collection, which takes inspiration from the bright, reflective lenses of the brand’s Prizm technology. Here, those same orange and yellow hues and transported and blended into frames, making for some zesty additions to the Winter Olympics – including Australian Scotty James as he snowboarded his way to a bronze medal last week.

Applied to both goggles and sunglasses, the ‘Harmony Fade’ collection increases visibility for athletes to provide an optimised viewing experience. If you’re planning to hit the snow in the near future, then this has you covered on all terrain.

You can see the Harmony Fade collection in action below, and get your items right here:

February 21, 2018
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