See The Best Of West Australian Surf In Oakley’s New ‘Luma’ Film
With Ethan Ewing and Sheldon Simkus.
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Images by Russel Ord // Footage by Mikey Mallalieu & Tom Jennings

Looking to take a holiday somewhere in our own backyard? The latest ‘Luma’ film from Oakley and Garage will have you looking up flights to the Westside.

By the Westside, we actually mean Gnaraloo: A hub of incredible Mother Nature sitting a thousand kilometres north of Perth. It’s where a desert of unbroken sand stretches right to the ocean, and home of the infamous breaks Monuments and Tombstones. With so much on offer, it was only natural for Oakley to head there with young surfers Ethan Ewing and Sheldon Simkus for six days that made for one hell of a surfing trip.

Filmed with the ultra-clear Oakley Prizm technology, the footage is incredible: Towering waves, sunsets, rainbows, local creatures and all the good stuff. This might make you leave the office for a few days of isolation, armed with just your surfboard – watch ‘Luma’ below:

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Words by Christopher Kevin Au September 6, 2016