Watch: Blue Ivy Gets Super Shy Meeting Lebron James
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Fair enough tbh, so would we…

Being the daughter of revered rapper Jay Z and pop queen Beyonce, it’s safe to say you’d meet celebrities and notable personalities almost every day. You’d think there’d come a time when it’d feel completely normal to Blue, that meeting a platinum recording artist or a superstar athlete would be just another day at the office, but that defs wasn’t the case with King James.

Being front row at the LA Lakers and LA Clippers game on Sunday, Blue and Jay were lucky enough to get some one on one time with Lebron after the game.

The video shows Jay and Bron embracing in true homie style as Blue hides behind Jay, before Lebron gives Blue a proper handshake before putting both hands on her shoulders. In a super cute moment, you see Blue relax once Bron embraces her, hey eyes full of admiration.

It’s reported Blue shyly asked for some merch from the NBA legend, with Lebron giving the most G answer possible, promising her that “By the time you get out of school on Monday, you’ll have it”. Fair enough Blue, respect for you shooting your shot…



March 10, 2020
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