Watch How This Guy Snuck Backstage At A McGregor Vs. Mayweather Press Conference
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Image via Sky Sports

In case you’ve been living under a rock, combat sport giants Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor have been engaging in next-level trash talk at press conferences ahead of their fight on August 26.

Given the stature of both athletes, the crossover of boxing and UFC fans, and the colossal amount of money involved, it’s no surprise that these press conferences have amped up the theatrics into one of the more memorable promotional runs in recent memory. That’s why it’s all the more remarkable that one man has managed to not only sneak backstage at the recent press conference at Wembley Stadium, but also walk alongside McGregor as he stepped onstage.

UK YouTube personality Zac Alsop – who also snuck onto a parade float at the Rio 2016 Olympics – set himself a grand challenge of getting into the tightly-secured press conference, dressed with a suit, an earpiece and some photoshopped laminates to make himself look extra official. Documenting his entire experience on video, he manages to get within metres of McGregor as he steps in front of a roaring crowd of thousands. The whole thing is pretty insane, and proof that a confident strut and slick laminate will get you absolutely anywhere.

“It was pretty mad, definitely one of those sobering moments where time goes a bit slower, memories from your childhood all come rushing back and then I got this overwhelming sense of pride, like a surrogate father watching his older Irish son do his first school play,” he said to UNILAD.

And when it comes down to the big fight itself, Alsop had some candid and honest thoughts about the whole ordeal. “I’ll quote Frankie Boyle on this one: I think someone trying to beat possibly history’s best defensive boxer purely by being a mad cunt is actually beautiful. That’s definitely something I can get behind,” he said.

No matter what the result is come August 26, this man has already won us over. Give Zac Alsop a championship belt and possibly also a congratulatory ribbon. Standing ovation, watch the 12-minute video below:

July 17, 2017