Watch: Tyson Fury Licks Blood Off Deontay Wilder’s Neck
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I mean each to their own right?

In case you missed it, Tyson Fury defeated Deontay Wilder in their long awaited rematch over the weekend. Winning the fight after the ref called a TKO in the seventh round, Fury made history by defeating the formerly undefeated WBC champ. But as huge as the moment was, the internet is on fire about a specific moment during the fight where Fury appears to lick blood off Wilder’s neck.

We shouldn’t be surprised tbh, with Fury saying “A fighting man tastes blood. I want to taste it, rub it, punch it and mix it up”. Well, he definitely got his fix, much to the horror of everyone who was watching.

But aside from Fury’s Twilight moment, the fight was incredible to say the least, with fans getting a definitive follow up to the first controversial fight between the pair in 2018, which ended in a split draw Wilder’s way. No doubt the Bronze Bomber is gonna want a third rematch, and boy we hope that happens.

February 24, 2020
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