Bjorn Johnston
The professional skater has another weapon of choice: The camera.
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Entering his first skate contest at just 11 years of age, Bjorn Johnston has spent over two decades as one of the region’s most renowned board-riders. He’s traveled across the globe to compete with the support of brands like Kr3w and Element, and has documented his adventures with another weapon of choice: His camera.

While his parents used to drive him across the country so he could skate to his heart’s content, it was also his father who introduced him to photography – and Bjorn even ended up adopting his Olympus OM-1 35mm SLR. From then on he’s kept a camera by his side, and now he presents us with some of his favourite selects for this week’s edition of Frames. There’s a solid mix of mates, skate spots and babes, so he’s got all the most important bases covered!

See Bjorns pictures below, and give him a follow over on Instagram:


Alex Lawton, Frontside Crooked Grind, Shanghai, 2015


Easy Riders, MDC x FNS Run, 2015


Stevie Williams and Terry Kennedy, Fush and Chups, NZ, 2012


Dennis Durrant and Friend, Shanghai, 2015


Lizard King, Fresh New Mumford Cut, Gold Coast, 2012


Polly Beeny, Shot for Lioness, Sydney, 2015


Avril Rae, Shot for Lioness, Sydney, 2015


Alex Lawton, Ollie, Shanghai, 2015


Panhead in the Wild, North West Sydney, 2015


Polly Beeny, Shot for Lioness, Sydney 2015


10 O’Clock Boy, Philadelphia, USA, 2012

Words by Christopher Kevin Au March 2, 2016
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