Chris Grundy
World of wonder.
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Chris Grundy really tells a story with his collection of travel and surf photos.

Travelling around the world with his camera by his side, 26-year-old photographer Chris Grundy, is seemingly more focussed on capturing the feel of a place and the emotion of certain experiences, rather than the postcard snap. Not to say that he doesn’t have an eye for timing and light, but his photos are captivating on a deeper-than-surface level.

Exploring foreign cultures and surfing are clearly activities the young photographer has a passion for, and a certain country where you can do both stands out to him more so than others. “India is probably one of my favourite places I’ve been for sure, full of surprises and interesting faces,” Chris says.

Taking inspiration from a range of sources including music, art, friends, and film, Chris’ photographic drive is spurred by an iconic New York collective. “I mainly head straight to Magnum Photographers. I love Alex Webb’s work, and lucky to have one of his prints up on my wall.”

Take a look at some of Chris’ select shots below and head here to follow him on Instagram:

She Dances at Dusk, Bay Bay.

The Wonderful World of Louis Vuitton – single exposure on Film.

Oceanic Tapestry.

Darkness closes in, Raglan NZ.

Hear them ringing, Argentina.

Sailor Moon, Sydney.

Any Takers?

Bondi Heatwave.

Blue Cavern.

Rock climbing down south with Jamie Krups.

This is Randee. Originally from Norway, but for the last 50 years he’s called Joshua Tree home.

One to keep an eye out for, Oscar Langburne.

Twin Peaks.

Bending Walls.

People of the Taj, 2013.

The Riders, Maclean Rodeo

Dark Matter.

Lines at dawn.

Words by Jack Bennett March 15, 2019
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