Frames: David Higgs
Frames 8m

It’s all in the eyes.

Flicking through David Higgs’ catalogue of work, we quickly realised how often his subjects are facing the camera head-on, staring back at you as you take in the photo, and it’s amazing just how much of the story is translated by that twinkle of intensity, distance or allure. Born in what he calls “Ned Kelly Country”, South Greta in rural Victoria, the now LA-based photographer has been taking photos for the best part of two decades. “When I was 15, I basically had a mullet that my parents hated. After months of bribing me to cut it off, I got them to $110 and used every cent for that first camera. An Olympus OM10.”

Fast forward a few years and David is part of the new breed of energetic, fun and professional photographers walking the line between raw and fashion, and creating lasting images with global brands. “I love shooting in a location that highlights and complements the talent, something that gives you a deeper feel than just a beautiful person on a beach,” he says. When asked about his favourite things to shoot it invariably comes back to the eyes: “talent with awesome eyes, and a vibe that is deeper than their appearance.”

Check out some of David Higgs’ favourite shots below and head here to follow him on Instagram.

Words by Jack Bennett November 14, 2019
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