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22-year-old Henry Harbeck’s photos make it feel as if you’re right there on the concrete with him.

Taking up photography at the age of 17, Brisbane’s Henry Harbeck had pretty modest ambitions. It seems, at the time, he wasn’t expecting shooting his mates at their local to blossom into a full-blown passion. “[I started] About five years ago down at the local skatepark. My friends and I wanted to make videos and document our skating,” Henry says. “I got a camera to shoot videos initially, but over time I just took more to shooting photos.

As you can see from the shots below, Henry has a keen eye for finding unique angles and getting the most out different light situations. It’s a talent that’s seen him published in various skateboarding magazines, which he considers one of his biggest achievements in the field. “That’s still a pretty new thing to me. Seeing your own photos in a hard copy of a magazine is a nice feeling.”

Check out a selection of Henry’s finest snaps below, and head here to follow his Instagram for more:

Brandon Keir – Back Blunt

Brent White – Back 50-50

Brent White – Kickflip Front Board

Chase Jaeger – Front Tail

Dean Parsons – Switch Heel

Joey Cormack – Halfcab Crook

Julian Lee – Tre Flip

Liam Quinn – Ollie

Louis Riley – Backside Flip

Manny Kovacs – Crooks

Mitch Owens – Front Nose Fakie

Nick Law – Backside Flip

Nick Law – Backside Noseblunt

Nick Law – Backside Tailslide

NickLaw – Backside 5-0

NickLaw – Crook Pop Over

Pedro Day – Kickflip

Riley Pavey – Crook Fakie

Riley Pavey – Crooks

Words by Jack Bennett February 21, 2019
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