Frames: Hunter Key
From the surf to the snow, with a few detours.
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It’s been exactly a decade since 20-year-old photographer Hunter Key first picked up a camera.

“My first camera was a Sony Cyber-Shot 3.2 Mega Pixels given to me for my 10th birthday present while on holiday in China,” he explains. “Being a triplet, my brothers and I received the same model and colour to ensure there were no fights. Then we completed to see who was the better photographer while running around China.”

Residing in Avalon on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, it’s no surprise that much of Hunter’s photography focuses on the ocean and nature. Here, he takes us from the surf to the snow, with a little detour through Fashion Week. See it all below, and find Hunter’s flicks over on Instagram:

Grief – Shot as a campaign to help capture the stages of depression.

Dusk To Dawn – a favourite for sure!

No Man’s Island.

Throwing shade, a last minute phone call lead to some of the best waves at a local break.

While 20 photographers shot one wave on telephoto lenses, I decided to slow things down for a different result.

Back stage at Camilla, Sydney Fashion Week 2018.

Back stage at I AM GIA, Sydney Fashion Week 2018.

A shot from my worst & best experience being a photographer.

Shot on a boys trip to Queenstown.

Beneath the surface.

Alien – you may not believe it, but such people do exist.


Underwater stars.

Six months in the making: Timing availability, moon cycles, full moons, clouds and three attempts later.

A hand for help – anyone can ask for help no matter where, when or why.

Exploring Ningaloo Reef, 2017.

Words by Jack Bennett June 21, 2018
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