Tauana Sofia
Analog heaven.
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Tauana Sofia’s collection of film photos is inspiring.

Following encouragement from her father, Tauana Sofia made the big decision to leave her studies at the age of 17 and focus on photography – something that up until that point she’d never thought of much more than a hobby. Shooting her friends for small fashion editorials, and snapping surfing and skateboarding, she quickly built a portfolio and skill set that would see her open up her own studio at the age of 21.

Her direction has shifted over the years, with the now 30-year-old trading out fashion campaigns to focus on street skateboarding. “I currently photograph lifestyle and portraits in skateboarding contests and the Vans Park Series. This has given me a new way of seeing photography and loving it because skateboarding has such a strong link with fashion and street culture. It opens up so many photography opportunities to be shooting these skaters,” Tauana says.

She’s also moved into the film documentary realm, beginning production on a film about the current state of female skateboarding around the globe called Under Construction. “Our first shoot began this month in Montreal in Canada with local skaters and we are going to follow this month with filming in Brazil,” she says. “I am very excited about this documentary as I know that female skateboarding is still a scene under construction and we have a lot to talk about, and present to the world and to the new generation!”

For now, check out some of Tauana’s finest shots from both the fashion and skateboarding world below and head here to follow her on Instagram:

Words by Jack Bennett August 2, 2019
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