Fred Guillaud
Frames 3m

Negative spaces and concrete constructs.

It’s difficult to describe the feelings that French photographer Fred Guillaud’s shots inspire. The phrase that comes to mind is deep satisfaction – there’s something so calm and warm about his work, despite it often focussing on the concrete fringes of his adoptive home of Barcelona. It’s a perspective that you wouldn’t normally associate with the subtropical Mediterranean, which is perhaps why his work is so impressive.

His passion for photography is clearly intertwined with an understanding of architecture and appreciation for the human-made world, with the 47-year-old having divided his adult life between the two disciplines. Where we see cold brutalism, he sees an unending palette of grey, where we see an empty parking lot, he sees a symphony of shadows.

Shot entirely on film, the absence of digital effects on his portfolio gives it an honest and raw wash that contributes each photo’s character nearly as much as the subject itself. It really is a visual feast. Eat it up below and head here to see more of his work on Instagram:

Words by Harry Webber July 23, 2020
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