Nick Rapley
Endless ocean.
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Born in New Zealand’s southern city of Dunedin, Nick Rapley’s natural environment bordered some wildly gorgeous coastlines.

While we have some of the world’s most iconic beaches here in Australia, we shouldn’t forget that there are more than enough amazing spots across the Tasman. Being introduced to surfing in his youth, Nick has now spent his time documenting endless stretches of ocean as he explores and discovers everything that New Zealand has to offer.

From torrential downpours to sub-zero temperatures, Nick’s quest to document new landscapes has put him in some risky situations, but that’s what makes the adventure worthwhile. What results are some amazing images that are beyond postcard-worthy.

See Nick’s favourite photographs below, and discover more on his Instagram page:

DCA_0322 (1)

Backcountry at Mt Temple, Arthurs Pass national park.


One of many dreamy sunrises at a remote beach near Dunedin, New Zealand.


A view of the local that never gets old.


Bird’s Eye.


Wedges beneath giant cliffs, also the same place scenes from the Chronicles of Narnia were shot.


Wild backdrops in Dunedin. Surfing here feels like your in the middle of a coliseum made of sandstone.


A stacked southern ocean.

DCA_7960 2

Garret Parkes getting his ice cold fix in NZ.


One of the raddest experiences of my life. Flying around Mount Aspiring national park at sunset is mind blowing.


Mt Aspiring popping through the clouds.


Mou Waho island is a lake on a lake out in the middle of Lake Wanaka.

DCA_8253 2

My ideal fun park.


Flying with birds.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au February 24, 2017
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