Pat O’Hara
Circle pits & stage dives.
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The best part about punk rock shows is the unpredictability.

At any given gig, you could discover your new favourite band, get punched in the face, lose your wallet in a circle pit and sing arm-in-arm with a bunch of sweaty randoms – all in the same night. Talk about value for money! Stomping the fine line between excitement and danger, these shows have been long been documented in DIY zines, online forums and everywhere in between – and one man continuing the tradition is Pat O’Hara.

A 20-year-old from the Northern Beaches, Pat was “inspired by all those old black and white photos from the late 80s and 90s of all the violent and crazy house gigs. Ever since, I’ve just been addicted to capturing moments like that.” Having shot guitar-heavy acts at crusty backyards, intimate galleries and large-scale stadiums, we asked Pat to hand us some of his favourite music moments captured on camera.

Check it out below and see more of Pat’s livest images on Instagram:

Skegss Crowd

Dude gets fly-kicked in the Skegss pit because he was absolutely punishing anyone who ran at him. This sneaky fucker ran up behind him and got him square in the head as he turned around.

Our Past Days

I love it when people jump up and try to grab the mic and sing along, this was a brief moment in between with Our Past Days.

Copy of Totally Unicorn - Blackwire-43

Totally Unicorn are always nuts live, and saying goodbye to their favourite venue (Blackwire Records) was always going to be a loose one.

Copy of The Bronx -4

I was at the back of the Hordern Pavilion watching The Bronx support Violent Soho and the lead singer jumped into the middle of the massive crowd. So I sprinted through the crowd with my backpack on my back and tried to get a decent shot of him amidst the hundreds of fans.

Copy of Hindsight - LWA-9

The famous house shows of Doonside are punk to their absolute core. Such a crazy atmosphere, and Hindsight are one of the best up and coming bands around.

Copy of Dear Seattle - B_C-23

My favourite shot of the local boys Dear Seattle, who are the next big thing.

Laneway Punter

Flying high during Dune Rats’ set at Laneway.

Copy of The Smith Street Band-20

The Smith Street Band are my favourite band and I love shooting them because the crowd always gets so into the music, it’s just a different experience.

Copy of BMTH-36

One of the biggest metal bands in the world, Bring Me The Horizon. It was crazy to be able to see them do their stuff on stage.

Copy of Violent Soho-10

Violent Soho have such a hectic/passionate/crazy crowd to watch, let alone photograph.

Copy of Gang Of Youths-12

Dave from Gang of Youths looking straight down the barrel.

Copy of Trophy Eyes - OAF-55

I’ve never been so sweaty after a gig than I was after Trophy Eyes gig at Oxford Art Factory. So many stage dives.


Probably my favourite photo I’ve taken to date. Punter got too drunk and messy in the C.O.F.F.I.N pit and ended up passing out in his boxers, so the bouncers dragged him out by his ankles.

Copy of Knocked Loose @ Rad Bar-18

Knocked Loose at Rad Bar, Wollongong.

Copy of Coldplay-22

Not a punk shot but is definitely the luckiest shot I’ve ever taken. Coldplay was such a large scale gig, I’m happy I walked away with this pic.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au May 5, 2017
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