Patrick Stevenson
The glitz, the glam and the deeply personal.
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We’ve been pals with Sydney photographer Patrick Stevenson for a few years now, having earned our stripes at many of the same parties, gigs and festivals around Sydney city for the past few years.

We’ve spent an equal amount of time bonding in the photographer’s pit and on the club dancefloor, and it seemed like only a matter of time before we hit him up to host his own edition of Frames. Pat began shooting back in 2007 when he was brought into the Hobogestapo collective, graduating from music and fashion photography into television and film with clients including Bondi Hipsters and Here Come The Habibs.

Over the years he’s toured with Alison Wonderland, RÜFÜS, Peking Duk, A-Trak and more, while he’s also tried his hand at tour management on Hayden James’ sold-out Just A Lover tour. In this edition of Frames, Pat shows us the glitz, the glam and the deeply personal – proving his diversity in photography and telling us some neat stories along the way. With plans of a book detailing his worldly travels, prepare to see more of Pat in the near future. See his selections below and give him some Instagram love right here:


I won the 2012 Photographer of the year with Pedestrian.TV, I got a return trip to the USA. This was taken on Bourbon St in New Orleans, Mike Baird thinks we have an issue with booze? He needs to pay a visit to the French Quarter.


Captured while on the 2012 Parklife tour. Robyn is an incredible performer, there’s something about the symmetry of this shot that I love.


Georgia and I have been mates for almost 10 years, we always love to fuck around with the camera. Here’s a photo I snapped off super quickly on my 86′ Yamaha SR400 Cafe Racer.


Taken at one of the most bogan events I have ever attended, ‘Chopped’ is a three-day hot rod and motorbike event in Newstead, Victoria.


Elsa now lives in Canada but she is an old mate of mine, and loved riding on the back of my bike so much that I had to teach her how to ride her own bike.


The final moments my grandma lay with some warmth in her flesh before she passed away last year, head pointed towards a photograph of my grandfather who died in the nineties. True love.


One of the wildest shows I have shot, ODESZA at Lollapalooza last year in Chicago. They even had the Chicago Bulls drum line on stage with them!


I sneak a photograph through the screens rigged on stage of some legend in a wheelchair as he crowd surfs during A$AP Rocky at Lollaplooza last year.


A mother and her son stroll through the dusty streets of a remote town in the Himalayan mountains.


The moshpit for Violent Soho is always insane, this girl somehow glitched IRL and spawned out of the sky into the heaving crowd below at Laneway Festival Sydney.


I have no fucking idea who this dude is but I found him at Wu-Tang in Sydney this year, yeah lad.


One of Peking Duk’s mates decides to crowd surf during their show at the Enmore. Don’t worry, he made the clearance.


A mess of models at Dan & Bambi’s fashion week side show for their pajama brand.


Intel flew 100 drones through Sydney Harbour airways during Vivid this year, all mapped by computers and accompanied by an the Sydney Youth Orchestra.


My Dad died alone in the mountains two months ago, my brothers and I had to go up and clear out his run down shack in the middle of nowhere. This was taken on the way up at 6:00am, pretty bleak stuff. RIP Dad.

Words by Christopher Kevin Au September 28, 2016
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