Trent Mitchell
Moody swells.
Frames 12m

Today, Trent Mitchell hands us his edition of Frames which is an insight into a personal project which may or may not ever eventuate.

Having worked with clients including Google, Nikon and New Balance, it’s satisfying that Trent has still found time to pursue his own artistic dreams – and today he hands us a series of images for a loose work-in-progress, capturing moody swells of distorted ocean.

“These images are from a body of work I’ve been shooting over the last few swells at home between jobs and life things. I have a working title for myself named Unbound and it represents photographic freedom and experimentation to me. It’s like a working diary of snap shots for things to come,” he says.

See the Unbound images below so far, and follow Trent’s work over on Instagram:

DSC_1781 DSC_1855 DSC_5974 DSC_7742 DSC_7744 DSC_8264 DSC_8320 DSC_8394 DSC_8446 DSC_8863 DSC_9291 DSC_9429 DSC_9606 DSC_9636 TM1_7191
May 25, 2017
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