Anche Questo With Matt Neilsen
The beauty of the everyday
Mad Love 9m

When you think of Italy, what comes to mind?

Stereotypical images of sun soaked villas over looking lush olive groves? Golden bodies lounging around picturesque beaches? Mopeds whizzing through quaint streets? As probable as these scenes may be, these aren’t  what Australian photographer Matt Neilsen is concerned with capturing, rather he has focused his lens on the beauty of the slow inertia of everyday Italian life:

“Is a small showcase of photographs from my time in Italy, looking at everyday life, away from the often seen canals of Venice or cliffs of the Amalfi Coast.

The group of photographs focus on unique moments and scenes from everyday life, often overlooked in plain sight. Each photograph is black and white, with intentions of eliminating unwanted distractions or creating perceptions of a point in time.

Through simply seeing and being, I aim to show contrasting truths in the photographs to allow anyone with preconceived ideas or visions to know… Italy is “also, this!”

Anche Questo opens the 19th of October (This Saturday) at Art Work Agency, 2/53 Cronulla Ave, Mermaid Beach. 6-9pm. Beer will be supplied by Birra Moretti and Pizza from Gemellini.

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Words by Mitch Tomlinson October 15, 2019
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