Illustrated Interview: Callum Preston
Is there anything he can't do?
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Callum Preston is a man of many talents.

Whether it be painting huge murals of skeletons across warehouse walls, producing stain glassed windows depicting iconic Melbourne landmarks, or recreating a pop art version of a milk bar straight from every Aussie kid’s memory (including every candy, snack, and knick knack you can remember). There doesn’t seem much the man can’t/ won’t do.

The Melbourne based talent has steadily built a reputation for himself as one of the city’s most diverse and consistent artist. With his trusted paint, markers, spray cans or whatever he can get his hands on, Callum has managed to create a body of work widely recognized for its bold and graphic imagery underpinned by a unique and quirky sense of humour that is distinctively Australian.

We asked the man himself a few questions about his childhood, art, and what his favourite snack was growing up.

Check out more info on Callum here and follow him @callumpreston

You can catch Callum’s work in the upcoming super group show Terra Oztralis. He will be exhibiting alongside a bevy of Australia’s most diverse and talented artists.

Find more info on Terra Oztralis here.

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First weekend down! Thanks so much to everyone who came by to check out #callumprestonsmilkbar (sorry for speaking in the third person) it was so great to have so many amazing happy people come in and share stories of what memories the show brought up for them! Huge thanks to @maureenwyse for making the shop experience all the more real for everyone fuelled by lollies. Tell your friends/workmates/members of your ladies powerwalking club/ whoever and come check it out next Fri/sat/sun 11-4 .A few more surprises to come this week! Keep an eye out here. Thanks also to @p1xels for wrangling a full shopfront photo! This show is proudly presented by @melbournebitterofficial @fasttimes @rvca_ausnz

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I love the art of skateboarding, it was really the first kind of art I saw that seemed exciting to me, all eras, all styles, I love that there really is no rules. I was stoked when @decksforchange asked me to host a "boozy board art" class @workshopmelbourne where people can buy a ticket to benefit the building of skateparks in developing countries and in return you get a blank board, @ironlak art supplies, some @vinomofo drinks and a room full of people excited to have a go at designing their own board, and I'm gonna talk about my experience and inspiration in designing skate graphics. (This artwork is a collage I created in 2006 of all my favourite graphics from a shoebox of 88-91 skateboard magazines given to me by brilliant friend and mentor in 1994 when I was 10) there is 2 tickets just added to the previously sold out class. Head to Workshop site to snap them up.

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October 2, 2018
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