Illustrated Interview: Dive Inside The Hypercolour Horror Of Zeke’s Lunchbox
Aka Julia Rich.
Mad Love 11m

By Andrew Yee & Chris Yee //

If the world of lowbrow, B-grade and kitsch is your drug, than artist Zeke’s Lunchbox (aka Julia Rich) is your Frank Lucas.

In an artistic landscape that can often prioritise work that is sterile, pretentiously conceptual and ‘mat-ure,’ Zeke’s work is a breath of fresh air. Any one piece has her influences sewn into the fabric of its DNA – from The Garbage Pail Kids-inspired compositions, the B-Grade horror aesthetics, and the reoccurring inclusion of alien-like women straight from the set of a 70s sci-fi film.

Zeke works across a range of different mediums; from postcards, canvases, to murals. Each brings her wonderfully surreal world to life, soaked in a candy-coloured palette and filled with lovingly rendered, surreal characters and creatures. Her work is only comparable to reading your favourite Goosebumps book on acid, riding around the milk way in Elon Musk’s orbiting Tesla.

So big ups to Zeke’s Lunchbox, she’s a true original out here!

March 28, 2018
Editors Pick