Illustrated Interview: Mike Eleven
One of Melbourne's best
Mad Love 11m

“Told to be either a doctor or lawyer, instead Mike Eleven became his parents’ worst nightmare; an established artist.”

These are the words you see before viewing the expansive and impressive body of work by the Melbourne-based painter and illustrator. While brief, the statement is telling of the type harmonious contrast that lies within Mike. On one hand he is a balls out artist that gives his all to his work, painting with the consistency of a mad man. On the other hand he’s a very conscious and sincere guy, still acutely aware of the more risky yet ultimately rewarding road his career is on.

Raised in Springvale. Mike grew up in an area held down by a diverse mix of ethnic communities. While often stereotypical and dated, the familial and cultural priorities surrounding Mike didn’t exactly align with those of a street artist. Against the trepidation’s of his parents, Mike chose to pursue his art and bet on himself.

Fast forward several years and Mike is now one of the most renowned artists coming out of Melbourne, having his work exhibited at Secret Walls and Semi-Permanent just to name a few. Mike has brought his wild yet beautifully refined portraiture style to galleries, walls, restaurants, and just about anywhere you can fit a ladder and roller around the world.

We asked the man himself a few questions about his art, what drives him, and his smooth, handsome mug!

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Mike’s full portfolio and more info can be found here. 

August 8, 2018
Editors Pick