Mikey Taylor
A day with the pro skater in California.
TwentyFour 3y

Film & edit by Ryan Neddeau // Photography by Mitchell Tomlinson

When we last visited California, it’s a miracle that Mikey Taylor found a few hours to hang out and talk shit.

The pro skater doesn’t just ride boards for a living – he makes them (alongside some threads) as the owner of SOVRN, keeps us healthy and hydrated via his Villager beverage brand, and also had a little booze experience as the co-founder of Saint Archer Brewery.

And while his extra-curricular resume is enough to induce plenty of envy, his on-board experience is equally as striking: His first photo featured a gap nollie noseslide sequence for Alien Workshop, printed as double-page ad in Transworld Magazine’s May 2005 issue. Since then, he’s appeared in Thrasher and worked with brands like DC Shoes, plus partnerships which are still popping up to this very day. Oh yeah, did we mention that he’s also an all-round nice human and legend?


So yeah, we managed to find a few hours to squeeze into Mikey’s schedule. No surprises for the first activity: Meeting up at SOVRN HQ and a session at indoor park The Berrics, with fellow skaters Sean Malto and Jack Fardell coming along for the ride. Triple threat! After that, a quick bite and golfing practice (Mr. Fardell loves a practice swing or two) before we’re back on the board.

Another session with the legendary Paul Rodriguez ends in a minor brush with the law, before it’s finally time to head home to chat with Mikey Taylor – not the skater or businessman, but husband and loving father. Thanks to Mikey for taking us out for the day, it was a nice one:

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Words by Mitch Tomlinson Photos by Mitch Tomlinson September 6, 2017
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