Struth! Eight Aussie Dramas On Stan That You Need To See
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Is it just me or has Stan stepped up their game recently?

There’s a whole bunch of streaming platforms out there (obvs) but one of the reasons that Stan stands out amongst them, is the fact that they champion Australian work. The fact that Scott Morrison and co. axed the Department of Communication and the Arts back in 2019, lumping it under the same umbrella as transport and infrastructure is a clear sign that the government doesn’t care about the Australian film industry or those who survive off it. It’s a real shame because right now Aussies are making some ridiculously good films and TV series.

So we thought we’d take a look at some of our faves that are streaming on Stan right now, that you should be getting behind (if you ain’t already).

Mystery Road

So this story began life as two films directed by Ivan Sen, before turning into a TV series. It follows indigenous detective and all-round badass Jay Swan (Aaron Pedersen) as he solves crime in outback and remote communities, whilst torn between his life as a cop and indigenous identity – think No Country For Old Men meets Underbelly. Both movies and every available episode are online now. Dig in.

The True History Of The Kelly Gang

It seems like a couple of times a decade the story of Ned Kelly gets re-imagined, modernised and given a fresh face. It’s kind of like the Australian Batman or, perhaps, more like our Joker… Directed by Justin Kurzel (Snowtown) the film is dark AF and shot in a way that is raw and chaotic, much like the story itself.

The Gloaming

Set in Tasmania, The Gloaming is kind of like a mixture between Twin Peaks and True Detective and follows the story of an unconventional cop Molly McGee (Emma Booth) as she works a murder investigation that has ties to a cold case. It’s worth watching for the scenery alone (seriously heading to Tassie once iso ends), but the mystery is bloody intoxicating.


If you haven’t watched Rake yet, I’m sorry, but you are wasting your life. The show follows the exploits of Australia’s most ridiculous defence lawyer Cleaver Greene (Richard Roxborough) as he stands up for some of the Sydney’s slimiest crims whilst dodging bikies, his ex-wife and his own legal issues. It’s all in a day’s work for the lucky/unlucky antihero. Check it:

The Other Guy

You’ll probably remember The Other Guy star Matt Okine as the host of the triple j morning show, but it turns out he has some writing/acting chops too. Here he plays a loveable loser who’s been dumped and is trying to find his way in the dating scene after a decade-long relationship. It’s bloody hilarious, but also has plenty of heart, perfect show to unwind to after a long day.


Based on the book by acclaimed author Tim Winton, this coming of age film set in WA follows the story of Pikelet (Samson Coulter), Loony (Ben Spence) and their surfing mentor Sando (Simon Baker) as they face the epic surf of the West Australian coastline. The cinematography in the ocean is amazing throughout the film and it feels like one of the first surf dramas that actually looks semi-realistic, with all the actors surfers themselves.


This one seemed to go under the radar when it was released back in 2014 so I only caught it just recently. It’s set up with a great premise: how long can you keep a dark lie on your conscience before it eats you up. Starring Joel Edgerton, who wrote and produced the film, it’s a bloody tense ride as Detective Malcolm “Mal” Toohey (Edgerton) reckons with a drunken hit and run he committed and lied about. Heavy times for old Mal:


Two of Australia’s greatest actors – Bryan Brown and Jackie Weaver – and a crop of younger talent including Phoebe Tonkin and Ryan Corr come together for this mystery series. After a flood wipes out a town, killing five of its citizens, a plant is discovered that can restore youth and changes everything. If you’re looking to escape the shackles of reality for a while and fantasise about immortality, we highly recommend you get into this one. Season two has just dropped so there’s plenty of watching to be had.

Words by Harry Webber May 29, 2020
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