This Self-Isolation Paradise Features An Ice Rink, Home Theatre And Golf Course
Holy shiiit.
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Isolation at its pimpest.

Are you isolating/quarantining right now? Starting to get sick of the walls of your house? Running out of entertainment options? Well, we’re not sure if looking at this mansion will make you feel better or worse as you sit it out for the next few weeks or so. The pad, which is priced at 54 million USD, was featured on Architectural Digest yesterday, and we can always count on them to show us how the world’s wealthiest live and get those envious juices flowing.

The lush mansion in Portola Valley, California has more rooms than you probably have friends to stay in them and is decorated about as nice as a house that is worth two or three NRL teams. But it’s the sports facilities that take it to the next level: the ice hockey rink with locker rooms, practice golf course, basketball court, poker room and billiards room make this place the perfect spot to isolate. Of course, a couple of pals to share it with wouldn’t hurt…

Try not to drool on your phone:

March 23, 2020
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