Elon Musk Takes Aim At Facebook And Zuckerberg
Fight, fight, fight.
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The gloves are off.

Sacha Baron Cohen, AKA Borat, got the #deletefacebook ball rolling again with a weird tweet criticising Zuckerberg’s control (or miscontrol as it may be) over information in the age of fake news, hacks, and privacy leaks. Superimposing Zuck’s head onto an ancient Roman statue, he tweeted, “Facebook needs to be regulated by governments, not ruled by an emperor!”

Taking a slightly different route, Elon Musk, one of the minds and memes of our generation, took aim at Facebook and Zuck not for being dangerous or irresponsible, but for being lame. In the weird and wonderful world of Elon Musk, the guy that has spent a good chunk of his life hoping to one day send humans to Mars has called a social media platform lame, on social media. Zuck is yet to respond.

Words by Jack Bennett February 10, 2020
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