THANK YOU! We’ve SOLD OUT Of Our Fundraiser Tees And Totes For RFS And WIRES
$10K has been raised!
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Big love from all of us at LWA!

Hey everyone, THANKYOU so much for buying our tees and totes. We’ve just reached $10K! 100% of which will be going to the RFS and WIRE. It’s gone better than we ever could have anticipated and hopefully the money we’ve raised will help our wounded furry friends and the volunteer firies who have been putting their lives on the line to protect us and our land over the past couple of months.

Unfortunately, due to the awesome response, we’ve exhausted all of our stock. If you’ve missed out and still want to contribute to these causes please follow the links right here: NSW Rural Fire ServicesWIRES Wildlife Rescue. Thanks again, ❤️ LWA team.


Words by Harry Webber January 7, 2020
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