Interview: US Rapper Smino Tells Why He Loves Australia
Can't argue.
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In Australia for Laneway Festival and a couple of sideshows, Chicago-based rapper Smino called into LWA HQ for a quick shoot, and to tell us about his tour highlights so far.

With his 2018 sophomore album NOIR turning heads around the world, it seemed only a matter of time before neo-soul rapper Smino would be bringing his live show Down Under. And by the sounds of things, he’s been enjoying his time in Australia as much as local fans have enjoyed having him.

“Laneway’s been dope. It’s a little different to festivals in The States, energy-wise. The fans receive the music a lot more passionately over here. It’s been cool,” the 27-year-old says. “All the shows have been lit, I’ve been really surprised every city, people know the words to my new album.”

It seems like the creative process never hits the snooze button with that artist, who keeps himself busy with songwriting everywhere he goes. “I’ve been recording. Recording in the hotel. I brought my mic out here, just trying to keep the music going.”

Seeing as it’s his first time hitting Australian shores, we thought we’d ask Smino what he loves about touring down here, and what he loves about the country in general. Take a look below:

It’s chill

I feel like I’m on a vacation, because Laneway has a lot of off days, so there’s a lot of time to just chill in another country, and I never get to do that, so that’s cool.

Melbourne turns it on

My sideshows have been lit. Melbourne sideshow was crazy as fuck.

He hit the surf

The beach. I touched the ocean for the first time in my life.

It’s definitely cold

The weather in general. It’s like negative 20 degrees in Chicago right now. There was a squirrel in Chicago that froze to death.

The local talent

Y’all got a lot of pretty girls out here. That’s been cool. I’ve been kicking it with them.


Words by Harry Webber February 11, 2019