Kim Kardashian Claps Back Over Empty Fridge Comments
She's got more than one fridge, ok?!
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New show idea: Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s Appliances.

After copping flack for posting a photo of herself infront of a fridge containing little more than soda and cereal (we’re into it TBH), Kim K has responded to fans who were critical of her nutrient-less coolroom.  “I saw a bunch of comments from people wondering what I feed my four children,” she wrote in a caption. “And since you guys are dying to know, here a little peak [sic] inside our main fridge filled with lots of fruits and veggies!”

Along with that comment, the reality TV star and social media god reposted a pic of her other fridge (duh) which was chocked full of fruit and veggies. Check out both photos below, and remember to never judge a walk in fridge by it’s contents…


Words by Mitch Tomlinson January 10, 2020
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