The Presets Announce New Album ‘HI VIZ’ Ft. Alison Wonderland, DMA’s, Touch Sensitive
And a new track to boot.
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Expect plenty more from The Presets in your earholes this year.

The Presets (along with Modular) played such a vital part in so many of our formative clubbing/festival years in the late 2000s, and it’s amazing that the duo are still kicking on with this much vigour after well over a decade in the game. Having recently headlined Sydney’s new Warehouse Collective event with their new single ‘Do What You Want,’ The Presets have announced an album titled HI VIZ, which is also their first full-length in six years.

Their first album in six years will see them team up with a range of Australian dance favourites including Touch Sensitive and Alison Wonderland, as well as more eyebrow-raising guests like Shane Parsons of DZ Deathrays, who released an album of their own in Bloody Lovely last week. DMA’s are also slated to appear on HI VIZ, after it was reported last August that The Presets’ Kim Moyes was stepping into the studio with DMA’s to record their second album. Jake Shears, Rromarin and Fritz Helder will also make appearances on the album.

As far as sounds go, The Presets’ Julian Hamilton says that we can expect “an acid-soaked circle jerk of rave nuggets, cyber croons and pub techno.” Sounds like a fantastic time! Alongside ‘Do What You Want’ as the lead single, The Presets have also today revealed another single in ’14U+14ME,’ which is the sort of belter you only want to hear in a pitch black room with lasers. The video clip features lots of hypercolour graphics and an artificial giraffe falling down the stairs, so there’s that.

Expect HI VIZ to drop in 2018, it’s sounding pretty large:

February 8, 2018