Watch: Michael Jordan’s Career Highlights Will Make You Cry
Happy birthday to the GOAT!
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In celebration of the GOAT’s 57th birthday, we take a look at some of the best plays and pics from his career.

There are very few athletes in the world that are as iconic as Michael Jordan. Born in New York in 1963, he went on to win six NBA titles and claim five NBA MVP awards, among many other accolades and records. He’s been touted as one of the most successfully marketed sports stars ever, as the face of Nike’s Air Jordans he amassed an incredible fortune and today is worth an estimated $1.9 billion.

For many of us, growing up in Australia watching MJ play basketball was like witnessing a god playing with mere mortals. The excitement and spirit that he brought to the game changed the whole perception of the sport forever, lifting it from the peripheries to the main talking point in the schoolyard.

Take a look at some of Michael Jordan’s career highlights below, as gathered by YouTube’s m2e1iriko, and check out some of our favourite snaps from his unparalleled career:


February 18, 2020
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