There’s Just Something About Margot Robbie
Home-grown and bigger than Britney.
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Not since Britney Spears have we been so enamoured by a babe who first rose to prominence by way of a schoolgirl uniform. And with God – AKA Terry Richardson – as our witness, we decree our very own, home-grown Margot Robbie bigger than Britney.

And we don’t say that lightly. We’ve woken many a night in cold sweats with visions of Britney dominating school hallways in those damn pig tails. But Margot, well, there’s just something about the Dalby-born, Gold Coast-raised 24-year-old who has emerged as Hollywood royalty in the space of a few years.

She’s currently starring in Focus, alongside the Fresh Prince himself Will Smith. And here are her top-five Hollywood appearances ranked by hotness:

1. Wolf of Wall Street

Hands down her biggest and barest roll to date, Margot well and truly left her Neighbours days behind when she bared all as Leo’s squeeze in the 2013 film of debauchery and narcissism. We’d die happy with those images of Margot’s flawless, gravity-defying rig burnt in our brains forever. Then there’s that Sharon Stone moment caught by the security cam… It’s the only time in our lives we can honestly say we wanted to be security guards.

2. Focus

Back in a bikini, the barely-dressed Margot becomes yet another treasure we owe to producer, co-star and rapper Will Smith. Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Enemy of the State, Independence Day, Men In Black and Boom! Shake the Room anyone?

Anyhow, back to Margot and she’s in an empowered role this time around – a fierce femme fatale who kicks arse and takes names. Not Facebook Friend requests though…

3. About Time

First up, a solid film. Anything with by the king of droll and wit Bill Nighy – who we think resembles LWA co-creator Little Mitch in some 40 years – is a winner in our books. And Margot doesn’t disappoint either, the buxom blonde acting the seductress and pulling it off in a pinch. It’s how we imagine her in real life – the unattainable one. If you call her she… won’t answer.

4. Suite Francais

This didn’t get the kind of cinematic release it deserved given it’s a pretty decent WWII era film based in France with a strong director in Saul Dibb. Joined by Michelle Williams – an honorary Australian – and fellow babe Ruth Wilson, the wardrobe is a little more conservative with more silk than skin. But dreaming of Margot and France are like strawberries and cream – we just want more. And it’s not a healthy habit to form.

5. Z for Zachariah

OK, this one is yet to be released cinematically but it’s coming. It was a Sundance hit and get this, Margot is the last woman on earth – literally. And two men – A-listers Chris Pine and Chewitel Ejiofor – fight to have her for themselves. We can relate to that. Fun fact: this was also shot in New Zealand, where ol’ Pine-dog got done for drink-driving. No doubt after our Margot knocked him back. I for Infatuated.

March 13, 2015
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